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Who Is PodStream by the way?

We are a team of professional creatives – camera nuts, editors, producers, audio engineers and directors – and we’re committed to delivering the best results for our clients by listening to their needs, and understanding how we can help solve their problem in a no fuss, all covered, we got you, kind of way..

We specialise in mobile live-streaming and podcasting. We also do social videos that are effective in telling your story, simply, no fuss, no technical hurdles. PodStream is a one stop production shop for small business, companies, event planner, marketers and everything in between.

With online media consumption rapidly increasing towards audio and video content – either on demand or live-streamed – PodStream’s value proposition is all about solving our clients technical problems, for those who want to embrace these new technologies but just don’t quite know where to start.

We have unique and specialised production rigs that enable us to rapidly setup and pull down each production kit. This means lower overhead and faster turnarounds for our clients.

We come to you! We are one of the few who will travel to your workplace to record a podcast or do a livestream. Our workflow is such that we can employ rapid turnaround times so you can enjoy speedy delivery but customised service.

Whether you have a program, marketing or podcast idea you need help developing, or need end-to-end help, we can cater to all who want to create, make it professional and fun! From concept to delivery of video or audio assets, PodStream can handle all the relevant production details.

Our team are friendly, always about servicing the professional needs of the client, and happy to have a regular joe chat. Feel free to call us on 0413 828 954 or contact us to reach out and discuss your idea.

If you’re large or small business, PodStream is committed to finding a story that reflects your unique personality, leveraging our audio and video production workflow to help tell that story. The end game is more leads and ultimately more customers (and sales) through your doors.

We draw on years of experience in packaging content for television and video, to help you grow a concept into an engaging professional social video, or livestream.

Happy to discuss via email or phone call, a solution that may work for you.

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