Funeral Livestream Services

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We offer discreet and respectful livestream services for funeral homes, private groups and memorial events.

We recognise that this is a unique but very important occasion for those loved ones who are unable to attend due to distance or otherwise. Our cameras provide HD video close to the action, with clear, professional sound and other interactive elements to make your online guests feel as close as possible to being in the room. Guests can watch via a private online link, accessed conveniently via their mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or make an enquiry here to discuss.

If you are from the funeral industry itself and would like to enquire about our partner rates, please contact us here.

PodStream’s base package consists of the following:

  • 3-camera live-switched coverage of the ceremony
  • 2 x handheld or lapel mics included
  • On-screen graphics for displaying ceremony order, titles of speakers, display of powerpoint or keynote presentations.
  • Stream to private viewing room with shareable link supplied via email.
  • Customers also receive a higher-quality copy of the video recording following the event, which can be distributed to loved ones.

Service Options


3-Camera Livestream

$2200 inc GST - up to 2 hour Ceremony
  • 3-camera live-switched coverage of the ceremony
  • 2 x handheld (with stands) or lapel mics included
  • Title graphics for ceremony order & speakers
  • Shareable link provided with forwarding email
  • Streamed to private webpage
  • Archived HD video file provided after the event
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    3-Camera Livestream + Venue Tech Management

    $3000 inc GST- up to 2 hour Ceremony
    PACKAGE 1 services plus...
  • Management of venue's sound and projector/screen - We liaise with venue to integrate with their AV system - We operate and coordinate sound and screen requirements.
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    3-Camera Livestream +Tributes via Zoom

    $3200 inc GST up to 2 hour ceremony
    PACKAGE 2 services plus...
  • This includes package 2 (PodStream management of venue sound and screen)
  • Inclusion of remote guest speakers (either live or pre-recorded) for tribute (up to 3 guests)
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    Other OPTIONS

    Additional Options

    Slideshow Creation
  • Send us your digital photos and we'll create a professional slideshow with music (up to 100 photos/8 minutes duration) - additional $250

  • Additional Equipment Hire Options
  • High quality loudspeaker with mic - suitable for spoken word and music - additional $300
  • Standard Projector and Screen - additional $400
  • Please contact us to discuss unlisted items
  • Make an Enquiry

    Funeral Enquiry Form

    Funeral Enquiry Form

    Please provide the following information and we’ll be happy to provide further details regarding costing etc within 1 business day or less.

    Please choose the option that best describes your ceremony and requirements:
    Please choose package(s) or options you are enquiring about:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a livestream?

    A livestream is a live video presentation of your funeral or memorial event that viewers can watch remotely.

    How can viewers access the livestream?

    We will supply a unique website link to you via email, that you can then forward on to friends and family who would like to watch the livestream.

    Why choose PodStream over the church or venue's own livestream facilities?

    We have dedicated equipment and expertise to provide professional quality and ensure your livestream event runs without a hitch. Generally speaking, funeral directors are focused on providing the overall funeral services, with the technical aspects of great sound, video and livestream angles sometimes a secondary focus. We’ll aim to make your livestream attendees feel as involved with the ceremony as much as possible.

    Does the funeral venue need an internet connection or do you supply it?

    We always operate with our own mobile internet options (4G or 5G cellular) provided there is adequate local coverage, however if the venue also has wifi, we can add that for a more robust overall internet connection.

    Some of our intended speakers can't make it. Can you bring them in via video call?

    Yes we can! We have the ability to bring in speakers from afar who can’t make the service but still want to speak and contribute with the participants in the room. Contact us to discuss the best way to do this for your situation.

    Will the livestream cameras distract or interfere with the funeral service?

    We aim to maintain a low profile whilst capturing the best coverage of your funeral or memorial event. Our cameras are ideally set up in positions out of walkways and visual sight-lines so as to not impact on the attendees.

    Can we view or get a recording of the livestream after the event?

    We can supply a backup recording of the whole program via a dropbox link, as well as make the original livestream available for rewatching for a period of time after the event.

    Do you have an example of your streams we can review?

    Due to the personal nature of funerals, we don’t generally include them in publicly viewable showreels, however please contact us for a specific example and we’d be happy to direct you to a private link. You can review some other stream examples, showing our work here.